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The Vislock Story

Founder and CEO, John Gray, had been setting up and managing multiple permit to dig processes on some of the largest projects in Europe.

This led to the development of Vision Survey, a company that issues overground utility surveys to large infrastructure contracts, for the likes of Balfour Beatty and Lang O’Rourke. With a team of over fifty, Vision Survey provides a variety of services to the UK construction industry, including engineering and land surveying, underground mapping and project risk management. 

John’s eureka moment came when he grew frustrated with organisations’ paper-based permit to dig procedures, which were cumbersome, confusing and inefficient, leading to costly errors and increased risk of utility strikes. There just had to be a way to standardise processes and challenge the traditional approach to permit to dig. 

With his 25+ years of experience, John and the team at Vision Survey developed Vislock: the only paperless permit to dig platform that speeds up, controls and de-risks construction projects, opening people’s eyes to a newer, better way of working. 

Now, Vislock is actively being used on large-scale projects all over the UK and is proving to be a game changer within the construction industry. With its user-friendly interface and simple, intuitive design, users can actively use and access the software regardless of their digital proficiency. 

No matter your project – big or small – the team at Vislock are happy to help. 

workers in hi-vis using vislock software on tablet and laptop

Meet the Team

John Gray

John Gray is the managing director of Vislock. After 25 years within the permit to dig industry, John realised the need for a digital paperless system. In his spare time, John enjoys training and taking part in various charity events.

Tim Shields

Tim is your main contact for demonstrations and any sales enquiries

Dragos Panainte

Dragos Panainte is our technical lead, being the brain behind the software application. With a background in construction permit to dig and software engineering, Dragos, alongside his team of five developers, is always updating Vislock’s platform with new technologies and features.

What people say about Vislock

“The system stores all information so records of signatures/briefings/incidents can be checked even months after the permit has been closed.

This avoids the paper permits being lost on site and all information being lost. It’s quick and easy to use/navigate and could most certainly be picked up by anyone in the construction industry.”

Dan Stanton, Vision Survey

What people say about Vislock

“Having worked with paper permits for well over 15 years, I can only see this being the way forward. Having all the information readily available when the site is potentially 100 miles away is a real benefit – and something I’d suggest to any organisation”

John Aurndell, Vision Survey

What people say about Vislock

“Some of my biggest issues were lost permits, time to print and prepare permit packs and also the quality of the A3 drawings used on sites. Not only does Vislock already solve all these issues but vastly improves available information, time and quality.”

Scott Gizzy, Service Protection and Service Clearance Manager, Heathrow

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