Locating a service is not enough! Managing a permit to dig system with a comprehensive understanding of the work culture related to digging around burred service is key along with the correct survey information and paperwork. Vision Survey has now set up a new division called Vislock, which focuses on paperless technology. The first project Vislock are working on is a paperless Permit to Dig system. Currently, it has taken two years to develop and our new technology is being trialed at Heathrow. All going well this will be ready to launch in the next three months.

With my 25 years’ experience of managing and developing the process for permits to dig across many of the large infrastructure projects in the UK, such as Terminal 5, Olympic Stadium, Crossrail, Thames Tideway, HS2 and now Hinkley Point, has allowed me to extract the best bits from these projects.

Our new software will be a game changer in the construction industry and is a vital application to the safety process when working around buried services. Vision Survey and Vislock expect that our new paperless technology, that enables all users to lock down each safety critical step in issuing a permit to dig, will be the new Permit to Dig standard process across the construction industry.

The first Digital Permit to Dig Process